We only use hair that is of the upmost highest quality, genuine Indian ritual hair that is absolutely traceable, ethically sourced and certified. Our partner Gold Fever with its long standing reputation and credibility in the industry has access to supplies of Indian ritual hair throughout India which is the only hair they source. This coupled with generations of expertise and pioneering in advanced hair processing methods permits us, as you will see, to offer you the best hair extensions available worldwide and of unquestionable ethical origin.




Our hair extensions provides evenly distributed volume all the way down from root to end unlike most other brands in todays market. This is because we guarantee that all the hair is exactly the same length on application giving you the most amazing result.


Our bonds actually protect your own hair, permitting it to grow healthily throughout the duration of the hair extension cycle. This is due to the increased amount of hair per strand, all the way down to the ends, and the enveloping and protecting effect that our protein tip formula will have once applied to your hair.


Due to it's protein enhanced flowing and malleability properties, the bonds are quicker to apply, thus saving you precious time at the application stage.


They are fabulously comfortable for you to wear! No more jagged coarse bonds that snag on fingers running through the hair but a smooth finish with a great feel. They will gently expand and contract in accordance with the behaviour of your own hair, when it is wet or dry, you will look natural and feel very comfortable even in bed.


The removal of the Gold Fever Protein tipped strands is also extremely gentle to your natural hair due to this new advanced protein formula.

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