Colour Experts 

At The Leo Bancroft Salon we are colour obsessed! We pride ourselves on our expert ability to colour hair. Leo has worked with the best colourists in LA and all our senior stylists are Redken New York Colour Experts which means they are simply the best. Our understanding of current fashion trends, techniques, colour formulations, and the science of Olaplex complimented by our precision application makes us the ultimate destination for beautiful younger looking hair. 



Most if not all UK salons only allow their stylists to place a certain number of foils per service. At Leo Bancroft, Leo's philosphy is to pack them in! As many as we can to give you the ultimate look and value for money. Thats right as many as we can with precision, no bleeding and as close to the root as you can imagine.


Our tints are totally age defying and go way beyond just coverage. The technology in our colour provides you with an incredible natural result which is second to none. It also delivers three dimensional shine leaving you with stronger, smoother hair and "never to know" confidence enhancing results. All our tints are zero ammonia and zero odour.


This uber high fashion trend has taken our industry by storm and we are experts in this technique too. An ultra modern French freehand highlighting technique that leaves you with a fresh care free natural grown out highlighted effect on the mid lengths and ends. A great way to be introduced to highlights or colour in general. One for the true fashionista.

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